maandag 26 oktober 2009


Shroom is a music producer / audio engineer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
At the age of 17 Shroom started making beats on his pc, not too much later he started the Audio Engineering Course @ SAE Institute.
During that time Shroom worked a lot with upcoming and famous local artists and helped a lot of local artists with their carreers. But the local hip hop acts weren't really Shroom's thing, Shroom being passionate about that real NY Hip Hop..
While working at international studio facility Global Studios, Shroom got the chance to engineer for american rappers like Redman, Jeru Da Damaja and more..

Then he got to know Hell Razah from Sunz of Man (bestselling group on the Wu Tang label) who picked 7 Shroom beats for a project he was doing with Gravediggaz member Shabazz The Disciple (also of the Wu Tang label). At the end of the day 3 Shroom productions made the final album: Hell Razah & Shabazz are.. T.H.U.G. Angelz - Welcome To Red Hook Houses that was followed by 4 productions on Hell Razah's solo album Ultra-Sounds of a Renaissance Child

Shroom flew back and forth to New York and started working with artists like Shyheim The Manchild (Wu Tang), Infamous Mobb, Killa Sha, Jungle (Bravehearts) and a lot more.

Through Killa Sha he got to know rapper CRIPPLED and they started workin on "Mind-U-Mental" togetter...


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