maandag 26 oktober 2009


CRIPPLED is a puerterican/dominican rapper from Queens, New York.

Influenced by Queens-rappers, like Mobb Deep and Nas, CRIPPLED started rapping during the golden age of Hip Hop. Growing up on the same streets as a lot of todays raplegends he became a musical genius who brings tracks to life under influence of daily real life situations and problems like recession, struggle, violence, politics and a lot more..

CRIPPLED stands for Carrying Raches In Public Places Leaving Everybody Dead, reflecting his frustations on the brainless following masses who can't think for theirselfs but are operated by the system..

After being introduced to the Mobb by Havoc's uncle his rapcarreer really started.. He started doing tracks with the great Infamous Mobb, Killa Sha and even Havoc gave him a beat.

Engineer Luca Brasi from the Fatheads (engineered for 50 cent, Jam Master J and lots more..) linked CRIPPLED up with DJ J-LOVE who eventually hosted "Mind-U-Mental" for him. Killa Sha brought Shroom through to da studio and the myth started for real....

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